Star Wars Imperial Assault: Skirmish Map - Nal Hutta FFG SWI51

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Fantasy Flight Star Wars Imperial Assault: Skirmish Map - Nal Hutta Swamps

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Nal Hutta, the swampy Outer Rim planet, is a dangerous place. Its treacherous bogs are littered with dragonsnakes and other dangerous predators. Polluted skies erupt at times into greasy rains. And, of course, the planet is the homeworld of the notorious Hutts and the seat of their vast criminal empires.
As a result, there are fortunes to be made or lost among the planet's sprawling spaceports and its bulbous palaces. There are reasons, too, that the Rebel Alliance might deal with the planet's outlaws, or that the Galactic Empire might crack down on the planet's lawlessness—or make a show of doing so before taking payment and marching away…