Kobold Press: Deep Magic Volume 1 and 2 Gift Set (Standard Edition)

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Kobold Press: Deep Magic Volume 1 and 2 Gift Set (Standard Edition)

Volume 1 details:
No matter how you slice it, magic is at the heart of fantasy—and nothing makes that more real than a massive tome of spells. Deep Magic collects, updates, tweaks, and expands on years of magic from Kobold Press with more than 600 new and revised spells and other options:

- Introducing the Theurge base class, blending the arcane and the divine in one caster!
- 16 divine domains, such as Beer, Frost, Justice, Moon, and Time.
- 11 arcane traditions, such as the Elementalist and the Timekeeper.
- 4 sorcerous origins, including the Farseer and Serophage.
- 3 otherworldly patrons, 3 druid circles, 3 ranger and martial archetypes, 2 bard colleges, and 2 sacred oaths.
- Plus, expanded rules for familiars and much more!

This tome is not just for wizards, warlocks, and sorcerers. Deep Magic also expands the horizons of what’s possible for bards, clerics, druids, and even rangers and paladins. It offers something new for every spellcasting class.

With these new spells and options, your characters (or villains) can become masters of chaos magic, frost magic, or illumination magic. Seek out hidden colleges and academies of lost lore. And learn new runes, hieroglyphs, and cantrips to break down the walls of reality—or maybe just bend them a little. Deep Magic contains nothing but magic from start to finish!

Volume 2 details:

Deep Magic: Volume 2 features over 400 new spells as well as:

- The Witch base class
- 19 new subclasses
- 3 new backgrounds
- 14 styles of spellcasting
- 15 magical grimoires
- 3 new downtime activities
- 10 spellcasting NPCs to help or hinder characters
- 16 adventure site location descriptions and encounter hooks to go along with Kobold Press' Arcane Map Tiles
- Over a dozen tables for GMs

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