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NATO, The Cold War Goes Hot, Designer Signature Edition marks the return of a true wargaming classic by Bruce Maxwell. NATO simulates a potential NATO/Warsaw Pact conflict in Central Europe during the Cold War years of the 1980s. First published in 1983, this game was Victory Games' best-selling title, purchased by over 75,000 gamers worldwide. This new edition is based on an exhaustive two-year study by the Designer of the records that have come to light since the fall of the Berlin Wall. The game combines highly accurate information on the forces the Warsaw Pact actually had with now de-classified reports from the CIA and the Defense Intelligence Agency regarding what satellite surveillance and HUMINT revealed about their actual plans. The map has also been extensively updated with new satellite geography. Finally, the game system has been reworked to better reflect the fluid, fast-paced and deadly nature of modern warfare, while retaining the original intention of simple and intuitive play. Here is the ultimate Cold War game, remastered, and playable in a single sitting.


Product Information:

Complexity: 7 out of 10

Solitaire Suitability: 7 out of 10 (no hidden units)

Time Scale: 24 hours per turn

Map Scale: 15 miles per hex

Unit Scale: regiments, brigades, and divisions, abstract air and naval forces

Players: one to four, best with two

Playing Time: 3-8 hours depending upon scenario


- 1 Rules Booklet
- 1 Play Booklet with Scenarios & Designer’s Notes
- 2 22" x 34" Maps
- 4 Counter Sheets (9/16" size playing pieces)
- 1 WP Player Charts & Tables Card
- 1 NATO Player Charts & Tables Card
- 1 WP Sequence of Play Card
- 1 NATO Sequence of Play Card
- 1 Warsaw Pact Strategic Surprise Reinforcement Schedule Card
- 1 Warsaw Pact Extended Buildup Reinforcement Schedule Card
- 1 NATO Strategic Surprise Reinforcement Schedule Card
- 1 NATO Extended Buildup Reinforcement Schedule Card
- 2 6-Sided Dice
- 1 Game Box and Lid


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