Flames of War 4th Edition US Combat Command box set USAB09

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    Model: FOW USAB09

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US Combat Command box set
Flames of War

Package contains:
8 x plastic M4 Sherman tanks
3 x plastic M26 Pershing tanks
3 x plastic M7 Priest Self-Propelled Guns
2 x plastic Tank Commander sprues
1 x plastic Gun Crew sprue
1 x Flames Of War Mini rulebook
1 x printed Start Here guide
3 x Decal sheets
9 x Unit cards.

Product description:
US tank companies were designed for mobile warfare. Once the infantry had broken through the enemy defences, its fast and reliable tanks would rush through the gap. Once in the enemy rear they would create havoc as they raced for their objectives. They are well equipped for this role having their own self-propelled guns for artillery support.