Zombies Keep Out

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    Model: PIP 60008

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Itís bodge or get bitten when a giant mob of zombies attacks the goblinsí workshop. Now itís up to you and the other bodgers to repel the undead or become a zombieís late-night snack! Barricaded in your workshop, you and your goblin cohorts must rely on your mechanical expertise to construct the sometimes ramshackle but always maniacal machines youíll need to overcome the endless Leapers, Creepers, Runners, and Brutes trying to break down your doors. Collect parts to build your machines as fast as you can, but donít get bittenóor youíll be left moaning and groaning as you join the horde and turn on your friends!

Zombies Keep Out (PIP 60008) is a fully cooperative board game for 1Ė6 players.

  • 1 Game board
  • 15 Contraption cards
  • 40 Terrible Things cards
  • 55 Part cards
  • 1 Token sheet
  • 15 Grey Runners
  • 10 Blue Leapers
  • 10 Yellow Creepers
  • 10 Red Brutes
  • 1 Rulebook