Warhammer 40,000 Dark Angels Primaris Hellblasters 44-73

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    Model: GWS 44-73

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Dark Angels Primaris Hellblasters
Games Workshop

Package contains:
This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble a set of 10 Primaris Hellblasters.
10 x Citadel 32mm Round bases
Blood Angels Primaris Infantry Transfer Sheet

Product description:
Imperial observers have likened the fire of a Hellblaster Squad to the incinerating power of a stellar flare. Bolt after bolt of plasma sears across the battlefield; those caught in the Hellblasters’ sights are swiftly annihilated, their armour blasted to ash and their flesh and bone to glowing motes. Even armoured fighting vehicles are swiftly reduced to heaps of metallic slag. The Unforgiven are not afraid to martyr themselves in a starburst of overcharged plasma weaponry, should the situation be dire enough to call for it...

Models supplied unpainted and require assembly. Scenery, glue and paint not included.