Shadowrun Howling Shadows Limited Edition (Hardcover)

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Howling Shadows is a core rulebook for Shadowrun, Fifth Edition, with a wealth of dangerous creatures, sprits, artificial intelligence, and more to add variety and fun to Shadowrun games.

The critters were designed with both players and GMs in mind - they can be added as a resource for players to use or obstacles to overcome. The critters also have plot hooks built in to fuel plenty of adventures and campaigns. With full color art, this book displays the bizarre and dangerous critters of the Sixth World in their full glory.

Features: Gives players a chance to find critters that can be an asset in game and provide more options for their runs. Offers obstacles and plot hooks to GMs to keep players on their toes and give games variety. Provides details and art on several dozens of creatures filling in a wealth of information about the popular Sixth World setting.