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    Model: MGTSCI25-1

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Designed to be erected and operational in the field within an hour, the Forward Strongpoint is the fortification of choice for all corporation forces as they expand into the outer spheres. Running on generators which can be fuelled by whatever local resources are most readily available, and formed from thick, interlocking armour plates, it forms an ideal bastion for an occupying force, command base of operations or even a simple firebase to hold the line. Highly modifiable in both external and internal layout, the Forward Strongpoint is often the difference between victory and defeat.
This set contains 22 terrain sprues plus 5 connector sprue, allowing you to build a single heavily fortified bunker or several smaller ones for use in any 28mm sci-fi wargame. It can also be assembled in a variety of other ways, and combined with other sets from Manticís Battlezones Tile System range.

This set contains:
  • 1 x Urban Sprue B
  • 1 x Urban Sprue C
  • 2 x Landing Pad Sprue A
  • 3 x Fortifications Sprue A
  • 3 x Fortifications Sprue B
  • 1 x Defence Line Sprue A
  • 1 x Defence Line Sprue B
  • 4 x Urban Sprue D
  • 4 x Urban Sprue E
  • 5 x Connector Sprues
Product Type: Modular Hard Plastic Scenery

Piece Count: Over 474 pcs

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.