Ro-Tek Brutes - Mechanites Team

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    Model: MGDBM114

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Premium robots like the Chromium Chargers are all well and good, but tailor made mechanites designed to specialise in the role of your choice is where it's at. From over-armoured Guards to smash the opponents out of the way to wheeled Strikers who can literally run rings around the other guys, if you have the creds, an unstoppable team can be yours.


The Mechanics of Perfection

From head to quad wheel, unlike other DreadBall teams you can now build your own ‘bot by choosing any combination of components in the set and mixing them together, giving them unique abilities on the tabletop.

The set contains enough components to build 10 multi-part premium plastic players and includes a range of different heads, arms, torsos and locomotion, including bird legs, Radar head and wrecking ball, as well as 10 clear plastic hexagonal bases.

Miniatures supplied unassembled and unpainted.

A copy of DreadBall Season 5 is required to play this team.

Number of Miniatures: 10

Product Type: Pre-assembled Plastic Miniatures

Unit Type: Team