Orc Chariot Regiment

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    Model: MGE KWO104

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Orc Chariots are as brutal and straightforward as their creators. Crude contraptions which ape the more refined machines of more civilised races, but have their own blunt lethality. Pulled by a pair of wild Gores, each Orc Chariot is a natural destructive force which tears through weak points in the enemy ranks, leaving a hole in its wake for the rest of the army to pour through. Not as elegant as the crafted chariots of men and Elves, Orc chariots are nonetheless murderously effective. When grouped into regiments, there is little that can withstand their charge.

This set contains 3 multi-part plastic Orc miniatures, including:
  • Greatax Crew
  • Scythed Wheels
  • Gores
  • 50x10mm Bases
  • Mantic Points
Number of Miniatures: 3
Product Type: Plastic Miniature
Unit Type: Large Cavalry

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.