Ogre Mega Force

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    Model: MGE KWH105

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If a kingdom is wealthy enough to hire an Ogre horde, then its security and supremacy over its neighbours may generally be assured. Ogres make war the way that other races conduct trade it is simply a way of life to them, a means to an end. It is not unheard of for both sides in a battle or war to employ Ogres, and there are no grudges between the different sides afterward business is business after all.

This set contains plastic and metal ogre miniatures, including:
  • 24 Ogre Warriors
  • 12 Ogre Shooters
  • 3 Ogre Command Components
  • 20 Red Goblin Spitters
  • 1 Ogre Captain
  • quare Bases
  • 6 Mantic points
Number of Miniatures: 60
Product Type: Plastic and Metal Models
Unit Type: Mega Army

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.