Ogre Chariot Regiment

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    Model: MGE KWH104

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Where most races field chariots crewed by a pair of warriors, one controlling the beasts drawing the chariot while the other fights, Ogres' size and bulk means that this would be impractical. A single Ogre rides in each chariot, the reins of the Gores clutched in one meaty paw while a massive spear or axe swings from the other. In truth, Ogres think of Chariots more as a way to get at the enemy quickly than a weapon in and of themselves, though the end result is much the same. A charge from a regiment of these war machines is very often the last sight seen by anyone who receives it.

This set contains 3 multi-part plastic and metal Chariot miniatures, including:
  • Ogre Crew with metal arms
  • Scythed Wheels
  • Gores
  • 50x100mm Bases
  • 2 Mantic points
Number of Miniatures: 3
Product Type: Plastic and Metal Models
Unit Type: Large Cavalry

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.