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    Model: MGMA14-1

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When sheer brute force fails, send in the scientists! Formed to advance the cause of the Empire through intellectual endeavours, the Science Division is nevertheless a formidable force in its own right. Those who make up its ranks, while first and foremost scientists, are also formidable soldiers in the Martian tradition. Armed with keen intellects and enquiring minds as well as the best weaponry and gadgets, the Science Division are deployed when the regular army just canít get the job done!

This set contains 11 plastic pre-assembled coloured models with transparent helmets.
  • Chief Surgeon Gorl
  • Wrex
  • Science Division Unit Commander
  • Science Division Engineer
  • Science Division Trooper with Heavy Blaster
  • 6 Science Division Troopers
  • Clear plastic helmets
Number of Miniatures: 11

Product Type: Martian Booster

Models supplied unpainted.