Legion of Everbright Heavy Warbeast Proteus PIP 73097

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Privateer Press Legion of Everbright Heavy Warbeast Proteus

Package contents:
-1 x Heavy Warbeast Proteus

Package Info:
PIP 73097

Package Description:
The dragonspawn Proteus is Absylonia’s greatest creation. With a mass of thrashing tentacles projecting from its horrible visage, Proteus is the dragon’s hunger given obscene form. This unnatural abomination drags its victims inexorably into the grasp of its waiting claws. Those ensnared die horribly as Proteus strips flesh from bone, filling the air with a bloody mist.
-Product is for use in the Hordes table top game
-Models are supplied unpainted, and require assembly
-Any scenery shown, paint, or glue is not included

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