Legion of Everblight: Nephilim Protector Warbeast

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    Model: PIP 73036

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Nephilim Protectors have an instinctive preset prerogative to guard Everblightís warlocks, ready to dive in harmís way with no concern for their individual lives. They also serve as ideal sacrifices for warlocks to shunt grave wounds away, bred specifically to accept these injuries. They are ever wary to their surroundings and require no rest, being literally incapable of mental fatigue.

Nephilim Protector comes in a blister (PIP 73036). A player may field any number of Nephilim Protectors in his Legion of Everblight horde.

NOTE: 28mm Pewter Miniature comes unpainted and unassembled Contents: 1 Nephilim Protector and 1 Color Stat Card