Kings of War Undead Elite Army

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    Model: MGE KWU82-1

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There are many types of Undead in the world whether it be the shattered corpses brought back to life by the power of necromancy, ethereal wraiths clinging to existence through sheer malice alone or the Vampiric captains and warriors cursed to stalk the living to sustain their own immortality. In battle, an Undead army is nigh-on unstoppable and, when the elite souls of warriors long dead are forced to take up arms once more, wicked balefire burning in their eyes, there are few opponents who will stand against them.

This set includes
  • 32 Page Mini Kings of War Core Rulebook
  • 10 Plastic Resin Revenant Knights
  • Lances and Shields
  • Champion, Musician and Standard Bearer
  • 20 Plastic Revenants
  • Champion, Musician and Standard Bearer
  • 10 Plastic Ghouls
  • 5 Plastic Resin Wraiths
  • 1 Plastic Balefire Catapult
  • 20mm bases
  • Cavalry Bases
  • Mantic Points
Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.