Kalimarin Ancients - Nameless Team

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    Model: MGDBM150

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The Nameless Confederation is home to many related species living in harmony. The Ancients reflect this in their playing style, each player working closely with his team-mates to achieve victory.

This set contains 14 Sprueless plastic and metal models, including:
  • 5 Nameless Strikers
  • 3 Nameless Guards (Hard)
  • 3 Nameless Guards (Sticky)
  • 1 Nameless Keeper (Hard)
  • 1 Nameless Keeper (Sticky)
  • 1 Prone Figure
  • Clear Plastic Hex Bases
  • 1 Mantic Point
  • 1 Mantic Carry Case with Foam
Now includes alternate pose!

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Sprueless Plastic requires super glue.
Number of Miniatures: 14

Product Type: Sprueless Plastic and Metal Miniatures

Unit Type: Team