Hail Caesar Rulebook (Hardcover)

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Battles with Model soldiers in the ancient era

Hardcover book that describes the game and its various rules and procedures. The authors aim is to enable and encourage the reader to relive the deeds of warriors and conquerors of an age long past.

All the fundamentals covered like movement on the battlefield, the effects of missle fire, the role of morale, and close quarter combat.

Detailed rules cover the differences in methods of fighting from the age of the chariot to medieval times, covering weapons and tactics pertinent to each era.

In addition the book includes seven complete examples of Hail Caesar battles embracing a range of conflicts from the wars of the Pharaohs to the Crusades, some based on historical battles, some based on battles created by the aucthor.

Battles included

The Battle of Kadesh 1274BC Egypt vs the Hittites
The Road to Boeotia 426BC:Spartans battle Athenians in the Peloponnesian War
A Border Raid 52AD:Romans vs the Silures tribe
Go Meek into the Desert 260AD: Persians threaten to overrun Syria and conquer the Roman East
Barbarians at the Gates 450's AD: Huns vs Romans
The Battle of Brunanburgh 937AD: Norse invaders vs the Anglo-Saxons in the Viking age
The Battle of Barada River 1148AD: Jerusalem strikes Damascus during the second Crusades

192 Page Full Color Rulebook