Glambek Ghosts - Ada-Lorana Team

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    Model: MGDBM121

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With players who can move through solid objects and almost limitless apparent power, it is a brave opponent indeed who will face these intergalactic enforcers of justice on the neodurium. Still, they are popular with the stadium owners if nobody else crowds are seldom better behaved than when the Ada-Lorana are in town.

This DreadBall Team contains 9 plastic models, including:
  • 3 Strikers
  • 2 Jacks
  • 2 Guards with optional Keeper parts
  • 2 Prone Figures
  • Clear Plastic Hexagonal Bases
  • Mantic Point
Models supplied unpainted.

Number of Miniatures: 9

Product Type: Pre-assembled Plastic Miniatures

Unit Type: Team