Games Workshop Warhammer 40,000 Promethium Relay Pipes GWS 56-48

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Promethium Relay Pipes
Warhammer 40,000 - Games Workshop
Brand New
7 x Assorted Promethium Relay Pipe Segments
Product info:
Promethium, the combustible fuel product used by the Imperium, doesn’t just magically appear where it’s needed - like the oil supplies of ancient Terra, it needs to be piped in to where it’s needed. This is where these Promethium Relay Pipes step in; toughened in order to withstand extreme pressure and fluid density, they double as a convenient defence point for armies under fire. This thirty-one piece kit assembles into seven detailed miniatures, each sitting together to form a configurable piece of atmospheric scenery. A control/monitoring panel brimming with gauges and meters provides a dynamic sense to the overall feel, and a broken section of pipe conveys the violent circumstances your miniatures find themselves in - perhaps defending a Promethium plant, perhaps assaulting an enemy factory.
Product code: GWS 56-48
All models supplied unpainted and require assembly. Scenery, glue, and paint not included.