Games Workshop Warhammer 40,000 Imperial Knight Warden 54-12

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    Model: GWS 54-12

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Imperial Knight Warden
Games Workshop

Package contains:
1 x Imperial Knight Model
1 x Citadel 170mm Oval Base.

Product description:
An imposingly tall, heavily armed engine of war, nothing announces its presence on the battlefield quite like an Imperial Knight Warden. Carrying itself into the thick of the action with heavy, thudding steps, the distinctive drone of the avenger gatling cannon sounding a terrible clarion call, the Knight is capable of unleashing a furious hellstorm of large-calibre shells that can tear apart even the most impressively-armoured foe. Should any enemy be brave - or foolish - enough to engage a Warden at close quarters, they’ll find themselves at the mercy of some of the Imperium’s most fearsome close-combat weaponry; the Reaper chainsword is the stuff of hushed legend amongst the Emperor’s enemies.

Model supplied unpainted and requires assembly. Scenery, glue and paint not included.