Firestorm Bagration

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Flames of War Firestorm—Bagration gives you the tools to recreate the 1944 Soviet offensive in Byelorussia. On 22 June, more than 2,000,000 Soviet soldiers stormed the heavily fortified lines of the badly outnumbered German Army Group Centre. The German defences quickly crumbled under several sledgehammer blows. German armoured reserves rushed forward, desperately counterattacking to stem the on-rushing Red tide in the climactic Battle of Minsk.

Firestorm—Bagration is Battlefront’s first map campaign using the Firestorm system. This campaign allows you to re-fight the battles of Operation Bagration on a grand scale in which you and your friends will be taking the part of the commanders that decided the course of history in those critical weeks of June and July 1944.

While the course and outcome of the real Operation Bagration can’t be changed, the outcome of your campaign is up to you. Either side can win. The Red Army could smash Army Group Centre opening the way to the offensives that ended the war, or the German Army could reverse history and stem the Soviet tide, buying time to rebuild and go on the offensive once more. The only guarantee is that the more games you play and win, the closer you will bring your side to victory.

No matter who wins, the campaign is a great opportunity to get in plenty of Flames Of War games, play new opponents, win glory for your army, and perhaps to meet new friends and rewrite history along the way.