Finnish Anti-tank Gun Group (Winter)

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    Model: FOW FSO113

During the Winter War the Finns had limited numbers of 37mm Bofors anti-tank guns (37 Pstk/36), but they used these to great effect. Various other anti-tank guns became available as the Finns held off the Red Army onslaught. French 25mm Hotchkiss guns (25 Pstk/34) were used from February 1940. During the Winter War Soviet 45mm obr 1937 guns (45 Pstk/37) were captured and were added to the Finnish arsenals and were put into use in 1941, as were German supplied 3.7cm PaK36 (37 Pstk/37) anti-tank guns. Includes:
  • One Command Rifle team
  • Two sets of Anti-tank Gun Crew
  • One Small three-hole base