Dropzone Commander Resistance Hannibal MBT

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    Model: HWG 25013

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The M9 Hannibal had been the main battle tank of the prewar armies of humanity for over a quarter of a century before the Scourge invasion. It features a crew of three, exceptional toughness and multiple redundant systems, allowing it to keep fighting beyond the capacity of all modern day main battle tanks. Indeed, its rather primitive but thick armour gives it a tonnage that eclipses even UCM heavy battle tanks by over 50%. As a tank design for the modern era, it is far from perfect. Somewhat unfocused tactically with its twin conventional cannon weapons systems of different traverse and different calibre, it is famous for what UCM designers frequently describe as ‘unnecessary complexity, over-engineering and unacceptable cost’. It was envisioned in peacetime with much smaller and more relaxed production schedules, allowing its designers to go to excesses prohibited today.

2 x M9 Hannibal Battle Tanks per blister
Length: 51mm (gun forwards)
10mm Scale

Two Resin components each
Models supplied unassembled and unpainted