DreadBall Xtreme

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Violence, Intimidation and Chaos, Xtreme is the Galaxy's Most Brutal Sports Game!

With a focus on violence and carnage, DreadBall Xtreme is a standalone sports game and takes the simple mechanics of DreadBall and twists them together to create something altogether more unruly!

Brutal Action: No referees and no fouls makes this the deadliest DreadBall yet!

Dangerous Environments: Play ball in abandoned warehouses and improvised arenas out of sight of the law, with pitches littered with concealed traps and explosive crates!

Illicit Sponsors: Assume the role of Sponsor and bet, intimidate and threaten your way to victory!

Blood Money: Create a bespoke team of your own choosing, from convicted criminals, alien Kalyshi and money-grabbing Free Agents.