DreadBall - Hazard System Heroes

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    Model: MGDBM133

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Four more badass MVPs and one mysterious sponsor venture onto the Neodurium to challenge for the title.

Kreed – he may have a familiar face, but this isn’t the ‘Lucky’ guy he may resemble. Years adrift in the Koris dimension saw to that…

Gemini – Twins often read each other’s thoughts – Melody and Harmony don’t need to. One brain between two is more than enough when that brain is a supercomputer hell bent on galactic domination!

Slalaran Vesh – an Oozer with attitude, this guy is slimy in more ways than one. When he isn’t playing to the crowd, he can usually be found in the company of humans. Generally female ones.

Eclipse – She might have a reputation for being a smooth talker, but don’t let that fool you – this sponsor has the claws and the muscle to take care of business when the talking is done.

This set contains 5 plastic and metal models, including:
  • Gemini Twins
  • Kreed
  • 'Big Slick' Slalaran Vesh
  • Eclipse
  • Clear Plastic Hexagonal Bases