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Tomb of Annihilation - Tyrannosaurus Zombie
Dungeons & Dragons

Package contains:
1 x Tyrannosaurus Zombie model

Product description:
The jungles of Chult teem with hordes of zombies; undead foot soldiers from the warlord’s Ras Nsi’s failed attempt to conquer the city of Mezro. Now leaderless, the undead stalk the overgrown wilds. To further discourage explorers from plumbing the depths of Chult, the lich Acererak has bolstered the ranks of these zombies with undead monstrosities. The most fearsome of these monsters are savage Tyrannosaurus Zombies. Along with its deadly bite, a Tyrannosaurs Zombie may disgorge zombies from its gullet during battle; these hapless victims of the dinosaur’s hunger are not under the control of the Tyrannosaurs, but they will attack the living nonetheless.

Model supplied unpainted and requires assembly. Scenery, glue and paint not included.