DB Galactic Tour Series: Azure Forest League

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On the edge of the GCPS, DreadBall can be a little different than in the high-tech Core. The open-air arenas of Azure IX, situated amid the moon’s massive rainforests, bring a whole host of new challenges even to veteran players. They’ll have to deal with changing weather, local lifeforms and some very excitable fans if they’re going to make it in the Azure Forest League!

Galactic Tour Series packs let you play DreadBall in different ways to represent how the sport varies across the galaxy. In this pack, there are rules for weather effects and new Cheerleader actions, as well as new event cards to alter your DreadBall deck and bring new elements into play.

This set contains a 32 page rulebook, 14 new DreadBall cards, the new MVP A’teo “The Savage” Adysi and the Azure Forest Trophy – everything you need to adapt your games of DreadBall!

  • 32-page rulebook
  • 15 DreadBall cards
  • Metal MVP A’teo Adysi
  • Metal Azure Forest Trophy
Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Requires super glue.

Lead your team to victory on the bloodstained pitches of the greatest sport ever played!

Number of Miniatures: 2

Product Type: Expansion