Chromium Chargers - Robot Team

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    Model: MGDBM145

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DreadBall’s rules state very clearly that a player must play as a single position, but they never considered that someone could change from one to another within a match. The robots can. They troop out onto the pitch as Jacks, but at the whirr of a servo they can change to a Striker or a Guard, avoiding any infringement of the letter of the rules by only ever being a single role at a time, but the spirit of the rules is ridden over roughshod. And the crowd loves it.

This set contains 12 Sprueless plastic models, including:
  • 7 Plastic Robot Jacks
  • 2 Plastic Robot Guards
  • 2 Plastic Robot Strikers
  • 1 Prone Figure
  • Clear Plastic Hex Bases
  • 1 Mantic Point
  • 1 White Mantic Carry Case with Foam
Now includes alternate poses! Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Sprueless Plastic requires super glue.

Number of Miniatures: 12

Product Type: Sprueless Plastic Miniatures

Unit Type: Team