Battlefield in a Box Hedgerow Box Set BB164

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    Model: FOW BB164

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Fully Painted Hedgerow Box Set
For Flames of War 15mm Miniatures


Moving quietly along hedgerows, teams of tank hunters carefully stalk their prey, ready to ambush an unwary tank column.

Regardless of whether you are fighting in the depths of the Ardennes forest or outskirts of Stalingrad a collection of fully painted scenic items will make any table feel like a battlefield.


  • 3 x 6" / 15cm Straight Hedgerows
  • 2 x 6" / 15cm Curved Hedgerows
  • 2 x 3" / 7.5cm Straight Hedgerows

FOW BB164: Terrain comes painted, any vehicles, figures or buildings or items not listed above are strictly for display purposes only.