Arab ZSU-57-2

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    Model: FOW AARBX04

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Flames of War Arab ZSU-57-2 comes with (2) ZSU-57-2 Self-propelled Anti-aircraft guns, (1) Arab head sprue suitable for Fate Of A Nation, (1) North Vietnamese head sprue suitable for Tour Of Duty & (4) Rare earth magnets. Only weapons with the Anti-aircraft, Heavy Anti-aircraft, or Self-defence Anti-aircraft attribute can fire at Aircraft. Anti-aircraft weapons that are still being towed by or carried as Passengers in Transport vehicles cannot shoot at Aircraft. Anti-aircraft weapons must have a Line of Sight and be within Range to shoot at Aircraft. Any teams that shoot at Aircraft canít move At the Double, Dig In, Shoot or Assault in their next turn. Any weapons (other than Self-defence Anti-aircraft weapons) that shoot at Aircraft cannot conduct Defensive Fire if assaulted later in this turn.